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Sec. 46-40. Preferences and soliciting of business prohibited.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to seek or solicit a passenger or passengers for any vehicle for hire, whether or not the vehicle is identified as a taxicab, at, in or near any passenger depot, hotel, airport, ship or ferry landing, bus stop or station, or upon any sidewalk or street or any other place in the city. It shall be unlawful for any person to call out "taxicab," "limousine," "auto for hire," "carriage," "bus," "baggage," "hotel," or any other words or gestures that could be construed as soliciting a passenger for hire. Violators of this section, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any cab starter, bell person, maitre d', or other person having the ability or authority to control the selection of taxicabs available for hire at any business premises to solicit a fee or other compensation or favor for the purpose of granting preference or priority rights to any taxi. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to prohibit the owner of a business premises that maintains a private off-street cabstand area for the convenience of its patrons from entering into a written contract by which the owner receives compensation from one or more permittees in exchange for access to the premises' off-street cabstand area. (Ord. No. 99-1331, 5, 12-15-99)


Sec. 46-241. Operation from licensee's usual place of business, etc.
A chauffeured limousine service licensee shall operate only from his usual place of business, and his vehicles shall be dispatched therefrom; provided, however, if any licensee has a written agreement authorizing the licensee to operate from a hotel or motel, that place shall be considered a usual place of business when a copy of the agreement is filed with the director. The licensee shall not operate, house, store or maintain any of his vehicles at any place of public accommodation unless the limousine is at that time hired. The licensee's drivers shall not approach potential customers in any public place for the purpose of soliciting their business, and no advertising sign shall be displayed inside the limousine at any time; and the only advertising that may be displayed outside the limousine shall be limited to the name and telephone number of the licensee on the front and rear license plate frames in individual letters not to exceed one inch in height and width with the cumulative size not to exceed beyon d one inch the length and width of the license plates. (Ord. No. 00-960, 2, 11-1-00)

Sec. 46-243. Written vehicle rental agreements.
(a) A written or electronic instrument of hire shall be entered into by the chauffeured limousine service licensee and any person renting or leasing any limousine. The instrument shall include, among other things: the date and time of hiring; the date and time of release of the vehicle; the rates applicable to the vehicle; a signature line for the chauffeur; and the names of the leasing or renting party. The instrument of hire for service originating at city airports shall also include the passengers' names, ai rline name, flight number, airport terminal and scheduled date and time of arrival. A copy of the instrument shall be delivered to the renting or leasing party at the time the vehicle is released, or if a monthly statement is submitted, at that time. A completed copy of the bill submitted showing total fare charged and received, shall be retained by licensee for a period of two years from the date of contract. The licensee shall make available to the director or his designated agent completed copies of the instrument at any time within the two-year period.
(b) A copy of the vehicle rental instrument form shall be filed with the director, who shall approve the form before the licensee may operate his vehicles under this article.
(c) No limousine driver shall operate a limousine upon the property of any city airport except for the purpose of discharging passengers whose trips originated elsewhere or for the purpose of rendering service to deplaning passengers who wish to be transported from the airports. No limousine driver shall park or stand his limousine upon airport property except for the purpose of actually loading or unloading passengers in accordance with an instrument executed under subsection (a), nor shall any limousine drive r enter or remain upon airport property unless his limousine has permanently affixed on the windshield an automatic vehicle identification tag in accordance with policies and procedures promulgated by the director of aviation. It shall be the duty of each driver to present a copy of the instrument required under subsection (a) to any aviation department employee, finance and administration department employee, or peace officer upon request to evidence compliance with this section. If the driver fails to produce the instrument evidencing compliance, it shall be presumed in any prosecution under this subsection that the driver's presence upon the airport property was unlawful.
(d) Violation of any provision of this section shall, consistent with the revocation and suspension procedures established in section 46-244 of this Code, be grounds for suspension of the limousine driver license for not less than 15 nor more than 30 days on first offense, and revocation of the limousine driver license on second offense.
(Ord. No. 00-960, 2, 11-1-00)

Posted on Saturday, August 21, 2004.




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