The Woodlands to George Bush Intercontinental Airport
From: The Woodlands To: George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Driving Distance: 21.8 miles Time: 35 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart The Woodlands on Local road(s) (North) for 153 yds
9:00 AM0.1Road name changes to Memory Ln for 54 yds
9:01 AM0.1Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto N Millbend Dr for 1.2 mi
9:05 AM1.3Turn LEFT (North) onto Six Pines Dr for 0.3 mi
9:06 AM1.6Turn RIGHT (East) onto Woodlands Pky for 0.6 mi
9:07 AM2.2Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-45 [North Fwy] for 0.8 mi towards I-45
9:09 AM3.1Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-45 [US-75] for 2.5 mi towards I-45
9:12 AM5.6*Toll road* Keep RIGHT onto Hardy Toll S for 6.6 mi towards Hardy Toll Rd South
9:19 AM12.2Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto W Hardy St Rd for 0.2 mi towards FM 1960
9:19 AM12.4Turn LEFT (East) onto FM-1960 E for 87 yds
9:19 AM12.5Keep STRAIGHT onto Ramp for 0.4 mi towards FM-1960
9:20 AM12.9Keep STRAIGHT onto FM-1960 for 5.4 mi
9:27 AM18.2Keep RIGHT onto FM-1960 [FM-1960 Bus] for 0.2 mi
9:28 AM18.4Turn RIGHT (South) onto Lee Rd for 1.2 mi
9:30 AM19.7Turn RIGHT (West) onto Will Clayton Pky for 0.9 mi
9:32 AM20.5Keep RIGHT onto Terminal Rd N for 1.2 mi towards Terminals C/Iab
9:35 AM21.7Turn RIGHT (North) onto Local road(s) for 131 yds
9:35 AM21.8 2   Arrive George Bush Intercontinental Airport
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